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Almost all businesses use the best social media management tools and follow social media marketing tips given by the major players. However, a majority of businesses fail to receive the results and returns they are looking for. This happens because you often do not get the right answers or even worse, you get confusing answers to your questions like, what is the right time to post on Facebook or what is the right frequency to post on LinkedIn.

According to a leading social media post scheduler tool’s blog, there is no predefined time and frequency, which work magically well for all brands. Still, here is the frequency shared by one of the leading and most popular social media management tools:

  • Facebook: Twice a day; post everyday
  • Twitter: 14-16 times a day on weekdays; and 6-7 times per day on weekends
  • LinkedIn: Once a day; only during weekdays


No, you are not.

Before grabbing your social media post scheduler, read this blog further to get the magic formula, which will indeed work for you.

To define the frequency on different social media platforms, follow this guide:

  1. Understand the Audience
  • All social networking platforms have different audiences and each audience would behave differently. For example, LinkedIn will have more formal people interested in serious business. On the other hand, Snapchat is more for fun.
  • The understanding audience will help you dissect the following facts:
    • How often they come online and explore content?
    • What is the time when they engage more?

Remember, social media management tools can help you understand your audience better.

  1. Know the Rule
  • Each platform works differently. For example, Twitter is too fast and in a moment, millions of tweets rollout. People see tweets of everything and everyone they are following. Facebook does not show branded content (which means the content of pages). Followers need to visit the social media page to explore content.
  • People will choose fun over frustration and boredom. Always make your content fun and engaging. Focus on educating users instead of being too sales-oriented. This will help you define how much content should be informative to push promotional content so you engage the audience instead of pushing them away.
  1. Play With The Schedule
  • Post frequency and time working for one company might not work for another company in the same industry or market. Therefore, exploring what is best for your business is necessary.
  • Use a social media post scheduler and play with the frequency and time of posts on different networks. Do not change the schedule too fast else you will not be able to see what is working and what is not. You need to follow a strategy at least for a week or two.
  1. Test, Tune, and Repeat
  • Keep evaluating the results of your social media campaigns using social media management tools.
  • Based on the results, fine tune your campaigns and continue the process until you reach the best results.

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