How Can Brands Play A Re-assuring Role during Coronavirus

May 12, 2020 8:53:14 AM / by Prabhakar Mundkur posted in social media management, covid19


When a major crisis overcomes the world there are many facets of the consumer that need to be addressed. If it is a pandemic like this Covid-19, obviously there is the primary concern for health and if I will be affected, and what I need to do to prevent myself from getting infected. But there is another important side to this isn’t it?  And that is the financial aspect.  Stock markets seem to be in free fall, interest rates are dropping - in some countries like the US close to zero. So, I am also worried about my money situation both for now and in the future.  And of course, thirdly, the stress of everyday living. Running out of necessities and essentials. That then is a pretty broad landscape for marketers in general to address.

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